Friday, October 31, 2014


OK, I´ve already put the download link for compilation CD that came with this interview (as the bonus stuff in the download link, that you can check it out here: Taking You Down With Me), so I think it is time for you to check out one of the best TIU interviews out there. The # 45 issue of Suburban Voice Zine (from Boston, USA) came out in 2001. and it is probably one of the best issues of said zine, at least in my opinion. So much great bands and interviews in that issue, but Tear It Up interview definitely stands up above the rest. This is maybe the best TIU interview that I´ve ever read. Almost all TIU members were answering the questions, the view is done live and both questions and answers are very cool, you can see through this view, what TIU was all about. Honest, DIY, hard working, no bullshit, heartfelt and passionate hc/punk. If you are TIU fan and you haven´t see this interview before, you won´t be disappointed. My photos of the view are not of too much quality but if you download the link, you will get this interview in nice pdf files. Btw, Al Quint, the author of Suburban Voice is not doing the zine anymore but runs a cool blog, so check it out:
That´s it, read the view or be dead (get it, today it´s the day of the dead, pos!).
The Snake of the dead

PS - Oh yeah, expect soon some more TIU interviews!

Get it here: TIU SB #45 view


  1. Thanks for taking the time to scan this and the kind words. They were a great band and are great guys, as well

  2. Hey, Al!
    No problem. I sent you an email about posting this, but the email kept reversing back, not sure why. Anyway, thanks for dropping by!