Monday, October 27, 2014


OK, here it is, the UNIFORM CHOICE interview from FLIPSIDE Fanzine issue # 45 from 1985. I´ve got inspired for this post because of some recent talk about Uniform Choice on Daghouse board (check it out, very cool board with some nice pople, ha ha!), so I´ve decided to put this UC interview for all the UC fans out there. The interview is from February 1985. done live with all the members and this was still the first line up with Pat Dyson on drums who played on the demo and on most Screaming For Change tracks before he was replaced by Patrick Longrie who also played with Pat Dubar (of UC) in Unity, confused yet? Uniform Choice was one of the best hardcore bands in my book and they recorded one of the best hardcore albums ever, the legendary Screaming For Change album which they released on their own record label called Wishing Well in 1986. What Youth Of Today were in the East Coast, Uniform Choice were in the West Coast, highly influental and charismatic hardcore force that toured the USA few times (I´m guessing that UC did toured more than once). UC inspired lots of kids in hc/punk and I´m guessing their records are still inspiring to lots of people all over the world (except for this shithole Croatia where people couldn´t recognize great classic hardcore even if you pull out the sticks out of their arseholes). Well, UC are still inspiring to me, they are one of those bands that always lift me up if I feel down or have a crappy day, can´t beat the positivity of great UC sound. Later Uniform Choice experimented with their sound and their second album Staring Into The Sun from 1988. is less furious hardcore and more melodic with more emotional and introspective lyrics. I like that album too, maybe the production is kind of weird but the songs are still OK for what they are. There was even some later incarnation of UC with only Patrick Longrie from previous members and some 4 more unkown hairy dudes playing some crappy grungy metal or something. There are some demos floating on the net from that line up but, avoid that at any cost. Anyway, here´s the interview, I hope you will enjoy it. The photos are not all perfect, but I think you will manage without a problem. 
"You think you've got a choice? Well there is a choice. Open your eyes and see the choice. Of a uniformed choice. Uniform Choice, Uniform Choice!"
The Snake and Alert! 


  1. I love this band so much...while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery and being all messed up UC was pretty much the only band that managed to lift me up a bit. And in my book "No Thanks" is pretty much one of the best sXe songs out there. Great post bro!

  2. Hey Jurica!

    Thanx, glad you like the post and its cool to see that UC kept you positive while you were in the hospital. Also, it´s nice to see that I´m not the only one in these parts of the world who thinks that way about UC. Stay alert bro! ;)