Thursday, October 16, 2014


So, does the world really need another blog? I don´t know. But, what I do know is that I´m a hardcore punk „kid“ and I´m still really passionate about hc/punk & music and I like writing about it. So thus the blog. I also do fanzines called INTERNATIONAL OLD SCHOOL CONSPIRACY & WHAT REMAINS IS MORE THAN WORDS and I think that zines are still important and one of the best medias that exist, especially in DIY hc/punk world. But, since copies of my zines usually don´t go further than 100 copies (if so), I thought that I could share my writings through this blog with some more people. As you can see, the blogs name is JUST CAN´T STAND IT! I took it from the song/record of the best band in the world of all time – TEAR IT UP! That title – „Just Can´t Stand It“ perfectly describes how I often feel about this world and about most of the people around me, sometimes I just can´t stand all of that bullshit because I´m kind of out of step with the world (you know where this is from). At least that is how I feel. Yeah, I´m that over 30 years old guy who still likes to talk, write, read, listen, watch and play hc/punk and if you have a problem with that, go fuck yourself! So, since TEAR IT UP is my favorite band ever, expect a lot of writings about TIU. But I don´t want to limit this blog just to TIU themes, so whatever cross my mind will end up here if I want it. Also, if anyone wants to send me any TEAR IT UP material (records, live recordings, photos, interviews, zines with TIU stuff, flyers, posters, shirts, buttons…), do it please, as I would really appreciate it. You can find my contact on my blogger profile, but here it is anyway: and If you will write me, you´ll get my answer, don´t sweat about it. Also, I don´t give a fuck if my English is not perfect, deal with it, OK? That´s it. Welcome to my world.
I am the Snake

                                              Me and my buddies, Henry & Tisa

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