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Henry with Get In The Van book, Croatian edition. Maybe I write a review one day.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I´m very lonely, send me TEAR IT UP stuff!

I´m very lonely, send me DEAD NATION stuff! 

Friday, November 7, 2014


So, the time has come to write about the Tear It Up record that I took the name for this blog - Just Can´t Stand It. Before hearing this record, I first heard some live songs from it on that infamous Live in Maryland show that is on the Taking You Down With Me CD and tape versions. I instantly fell in love with those songs and could´t wait to get this record. About a year later after I got the Taking You Down With Me tape, I finally got Just Can´t Stand It in mp3 format. Fuck, what a record! From first to last song, it is non stopping furious and energetic pissed off self loathing hc/punk as it best. Some years later, some of my friends got the record on vinyl, so I finally saw the lyrics and I could totally relate with every fucking song on it (especially at the time). But we will get to that later.

Just Can´t Stand It was recorded on September 2000. and it was a second TIU recording (Demo being the first one) and songs from the first TIU Self Tilted 7˝ EP (check out one of the previous posts on this blog) are from this same session. Just Can´t Stand It record came first as 12˝ EP on vinyl in 2001. on Deranged Records from Canada (hc/punk record label that put out lots of great hc/punk). Deranged Records also released TIU CD called The First Four Months that includes Just Can´t Stand It 12˝ EP, first Self titled 7˝ EP and the first demo tape. 

So, the line up on this record was the first TIU line up: 

Dave Ackerman - Vocals
Andy Scarpulla - Guitar
Paul D´elia - Guitar
Doug Ensel - Bass
Matt Wechter - Drums

As I´ve said in Self Titled EP post, great production here, I don´t have nothing more to add.

The cover of Just Can´t Stand It is not my favorite TIU cover but it´s OK, fist breaking all the negativity of this planet, politicians, police oppression, wars and other shit. Btw, the cover drawing was done by Ernie from Life´s Halt. But inside cover is really cool with the poster representing all TIU members rocking from various live shows. Lyrics sheet have that cool photo of TIU playing Play Station games, ha, ha. Some later press (that some of my friends have) doesn´t have the poster and the lyrics sheet is just on regular white piece of paper. That and other versions of the cover, tour, limited etc. are all included in the download link so if you have the record already, download it for other extra photo stuff. 

There are 12 songs here plus one hidden cover of Deuce (by Kiss (which I also put in the file as a separated song)). This record is definitely one of the best TIU material, but people who are wanking on Nothing To Nothing LP will probably disagree with me. As I´ve said before, Nothing To Nothing is probably the best hc/punk album in this fucking century, but there is also something special with earlier TIU records and it would be a shame for anyone who is into Nothing To Nothing if he/she don´t check out more closely this great record. The record begins with great instrumental intro called The Beginning. And it is definitely a beginning of a great record. Then before you know it, the fast and furious I Hate My Life hits you hard in the face. You haven´t even manage to take a breath to recover from the previous song and Your Name Here burst out hitting you again without mercy. You think that maybe you are safe now, but no, Ruining Your Life $75 At A Time is even shorter and more fucked up than previous songs. They go little bit more easy with What´s The Problem? on which you can even head bang if you have enough hair on your head. The singalong break when everybody shout: "What´s The Problem?" is fucking incredible, really, what´s your problem!?! A side ends with damaging song - Battle Scarred that was originally recorded and played by Dead Nation (where most of the TIU members played before TIU), from their awesome last 7˝ EP called Painless (from 2000.). I personally like more this version, the song itself sounds so destructible that it feels that everything will fall apart, your record player, your room and the whole world. B side begins with one of my favorite TIU songs - I Don´t Care That i´m Falling Apart and indeed I don´t. This song has it all, great short intro, awesome fast part and one of the best singalongs ever. Over And Dead and Failure continue with ultra fast parts that makes you smash everything around you. Where Am I? starts of like some Black Flag song from Damaged (No More, anyone?), but soon enough erupts into fast as fuck and angry anthem with great dual vocals by Dave and Matt. Waiting To Wreck Myself is another great fast pissed off tune with interesting ending that blend into the title song of the record, the incredible punkish singalong anthem, with one of the best endings ever. Ttttttttttt - TEAR IT UP!!! And then on the top of the cake you have a hidden cover of Deuce (originally by Kiss). I´ve said already, the original version is cool but TIU makes it even more cooler, fucking hell, it´s true. The lyrics on this record are mostly dealing with some personal demons and all the fucks around you that want to bring you down. From fake friends, through non supportive family members to the whole fucking world. This whole record is a one big fuck you to all these negative crap around you and me. I personally like the most the lyrics of Your Name Here song, because its like is written for bunch of fucks that I know: "It´s over, there is nothing you can do! Get over it, I don´t like you!", motherfuckers! So there you have it, one more perfect record by a perfect band. This record helped me with lots of my personal fights and when I was most depressed and fucked up, this record always made me realize that I´m not alone in feeling like this and that those TIU dudes felt very similar like I was feeling at the time. I´m not that much into self loathing at this point of my life, but I still listen this record with all my heart and I still want to break some fuckers face while listening this piece of hc/punk greatness. Fuck, 14 years passed that TIU recorded this record and still not much bands can touch this damaging pissed off record. Fucking Tear It Up.

This time there are no bonus music stuff in the download link and I didn´t put some extra photos of TIU either, I don´t wanna spoil you, ha, ha. But, you get photos of various covers of Just Can´t Stand It record. Most of the photos are from the net, but some are mine. That´s it, waiting-to-wreck-myself! 

The Snake Can´t Stand It

Get it here:

Henry and my Tear It Up script (where I keep bunch of xeroxed stuff from TIU, Dead Nation, The Rites, etc.)

This is Mel. He is for the first time in Bizaro room and he already can´t get enough of Tear It Up. The Dog knows what he wants.

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I´ve said that I will post some more Tear It Up interviews, so here it is, the TIU interview from Violence # 2, Polish hc/punk/grind/ zine from 2000.´s. This issue came out in summer of 2001. even though I got it few years later. This was one of the first TIU interviews that I´ve ever saw, so you can imagine how happy I was when I got this, to see finally what these guys are all about. I don´t recall where I got the zine, probably from some Polish distribution on one of the Croatian hc/punk festivals. I also have issue # 3 of Violence zine and some later issue where the focus was more on metal/grind than hc/punk and cover of that issue is glossy in colour so it looks like a different zine comparing to the early issues. Anyway, the TIU view was done through the e-mail and Dave and Matt answered the questions. The questions are not the most original, but still, Dave and Matt gave some cool answers making it very interesting interview. The two photos from the interview were taken from the poster/lyrics sheet of Just Can´t Stand It 12˝ EP. The photo of TIU members playing a play station games is priceless. In this same issue of Violence zine, there was also a cool interview with Jon Collins, so I decided to put that interview too. In case you don´t know, Jon Collins ran Deadalive Records (later renamed into Manic Ride Records) in the 2000.´s and released some of the best hc/punk records from that decade like: Dead Nation, Tear It Up, E. T. A, The Rites, The Prowl, etc. Through this interview, he seems like a cool guy so check it out. That´s it, more TIU and other stuff on the blog is coming soon!
The Snake

Reviews of Tear It Up records from Violence zine # 2