Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Sometimes people ask me what is my purpose in life and my answer is always the easy one, hardcore punk. And when I say that, people usually say that I´m a lucky person because I´ve found this one thing that makes my life worth living. But, on the other hand, some people will doubt that hardcore punk is really the best thing in my world. Well, the thing is, I really think that hardcore punk is the best thing is this fucking world. Hardcore punk is the world of do it yourself ethic, the incredible DIY network all over the world, great fanzines and even better bands and records, the craziest shows you have ever seen and of course, some great people that inspire you and makes you think about everything around you. Where else can you find something like that? In religion, church, politics, in lame ordinary "sleep-work-die" life? No way! Nothing can make me more happy than when I´m overwhelmed with that good positive hardcore feeling because of some great show, band, record or fanzine. Sometimes even I have my doubts but I never doubt in hardcore itself. I´m more disappointed in some people that are making mockery of hardcore and when some people are making of hardcore something that hardcore is not. In those dark times I get really down and become very cynical about the whole thing. The best cure for something like that is an unexpecting and great hardcore show that will immediately put a smile on my face and then I will be mad at myself for being so cynical in the first place and not believing in power of hardcore. Few weeks ago, I went to out of town show not expecting much and I´ve got everything I needed! I got my hardcore fix with that show and because of that great show I´m inspired to do all the stuff I wanted to do this past month but wasn´t inspired because I was cynical bastard. Now I´m working even harder on my zine, I´m writing some great songs for my bands, I´m writing some cool emails to some nice people and I´m slowly preparing for 2015. which I think will be great concerning my activities with hardcore. Can´t wait to tour again and to start playing shows with my new band, can´t wait to release The Truth 7˝ EP and to start rehearsing new songs for the full length LP with The Truth and of course, to put out new issues of my zine. Hardcore is what you make of it. If most of the people in my town are not on the same page with me concerning hardcore (lightly said) why should I be fucked up because of that. Maybe I´m out of step with the herd in my town but I have my hardcore world where I belong and no one can take that away from me. Being hardcore also means being a kid. So, this is for all the new blood coming into hardcore punk, just be yourself and don´t let some old washed up bastards back you down! As Fields Of Fire would say: „Keep It Alive!!!“

Snake It Alive!

Here are some photos of the said show!
Thanx to Dominik for the photos.
18. November 2014. Karlovac, Croatia