Tuesday, December 23, 2014



Today was a good day. I had a rehearsal with my new band. We finally found a guitarist that we were searching for some time. Even though we weren´t complete on rehearsal because our drummer couldn´t come (he´s from another town, by the way), it was a cool rehearsal. I sing in this band but this time I sat on drums so we could practice. It was great feeling because I haven´t played drums from July this year, so it was a real fun time for me. I was thinking what to write for a last post for this year on the blog and off course, the answer was an easy one: another Tear It Up post, ha, ha. So, expect that post in a few days. Among some other reasons, one of the reason to start this blog was also to write here about Tear It Up as much as I want, so I don´t write that much about TIU in my zine any more. Well, I have said it already in that post that I wrote it in Croatian, this is not some „emo“ diary blog, so don´t expect something like that here. Also the stuff I write here are still written very passionately and everything I write here I write from my own personal perspective and there is actually some emotional stuff here, if you can read between the lines. The weekend was also cool, I was at another cool out of town show and hanging out with some nice people. Two cool bands played and one bad band played but it was still a great night. I was also the DJ for that night and I tore the place apart with punk rock hits and some dance pop hits, the people didn´t stop dancing until 4 am when I shut down the laptop. So, here are some photos from the said show. Enjoy and have a nice day. 

DJ Snake



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