Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Hey hey! I´ve been a bit lazy with the blog this month. Well, I had some ideas in my head and I still have to finish a post about Dead Nation – Painless record (which I started to write but haven´t finished yet) but I didn´t want to write anything half-assed just to have a quantity over quality on the blog. Also, I´ve been writing some stuff for my zine, so I wasn´t just watching series and movies all the time, haha. I will write here a few words about this past year. This year have been a pretty good to me, I´ve toured a lot (with The Truth & Ugly Fucks), I brought Ugly Fucks back from the dead, started a new band called Rules, moved to a new place, made some new friends and pretty much had a great time for most of the year, either being with myself and the dogs or hanging out with my friends. I don´t want to sound like some 17 years old kid who just discovered a hc/punk, but, let me tell you one more time, hardcore punk is still one of the best things in this fucked up world. There are no words for me to describe what I feel when I hear YOUTH OF TODAY or some obscure hc/punk band, it is the feeling that is only known to those who are into this shit for life. Fuck everything else, but really, FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE! Three chords that´s all I need, as one band once said. Anyway, yesterday, on 29th December of 2015. I played a first show with Rules in Karlovac, Croatia. Ill Wind (melancholic punk rock from Zagreb) and Eldrich (raw & primitive black metal punk from Karlovac) also played and it was a cool show, a nice gathering and cool way to end this year. It was interesting for us in Rules because this was the first ever show for our singer and it was my first show ever playing bass. But we actually did pretty good. It was also interesting for me to play a show with Ill Wind who are consisted of people with whom I played in lots of bands before (Ugly Fucks, The Pathetics, Junk Messiah, Leid, Evazija and Vaseline Children). I really don´t care about all these celebrating crap of new year but I intend to make the 2016. full of playing shows and tours with my bands and writing about hc/punk and how it Rules! Because that´s all that really matters.

The Snake

PS - Thanks to Pavle, Zhbla and some other guy for the photos!




Saturday, December 12, 2015


On December 5th & 6th 2015. TERMINAL 13, THE TRUTH & UGLY FUCKS played shows in Karlovac and Zadar, Croatia. The shows weren´t too crowded and some could say that these two shows were nothing special. But, we still had great time, played our hearts out and it was a pleasure to be among all of these friends and dear people. Thanks to everyone that drove us, organized the shows, cooked us food, gave us place to sleep and everyone who came with us and to our shows, we will never forget it! 

The Snake




All of these photos were taken at: "Mala Scena" Karlovac on 5th December 2015. 
by Pavle Kocanjer, thanks! 

Only one photo from Zadar and it´s a crew pose poho, fuck yeah! 
Thanks to princess Victoria for shooting this lovely piece of art.