Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The crew in Kraljevo, Serbia

I´m back from tour! Not much words this time, because I will write the tour report soon, so until then, enjoy in photos of crazy punx touring Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Oh yeah, it was a blast, thanx! 
The Snake

Skopje, Macedonia wolfpack

Bosonogo Djetinjstvo in Skopje, Macedonia

The Truth in Skopje, Macedonia

The crew in Skopje

Project X? 
Thessaloniki, Greece

The crew in Thessaloniki, Greece

Bosonogo Djetinjstvo in Komotini, Greece

The crew haning out in Istanbul, Turkey

Poster - Iti, Istanbul, Turkey

Stage diving while reading a book, never seen that before!

The Truth, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosonogo Djetinjstvo, Istanbul, Turkey

The crew before leaving Istanbul

This video is taken at Peyote club in Istanbul, Turkey

Friday, January 2, 2015


Fuck. I know that I have promised to write a lengthy last post for 2014. about Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing record, but I was busy with taking care of some dogs and my friend who fucked up her leg pretty bad. On 6th January I´m going on tour with The Truth (where I play drums) and Bosonogo Djetinjstvo (our friends from Zadar, Croatia), so there will be no posts in a while, but when I get back, expect some more rad posts, fuck yeah. We are touring Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey and will be back on 18th January. I have never been to Greece or Turkey before so I´m excited as hell to see some new cool places and to play fast hc/punk in front of some new faces. And also I´m interested to see how the DIY hc/punk is out there. The only thing that I will wish you (and myself) for 2015. is to keep on playing to destroy, because I just don´t give a fuck! 

Snake to Destroy!