Friday, January 2, 2015


Fuck. I know that I have promised to write a lengthy last post for 2014. about Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing record, but I was busy with taking care of some dogs and my friend who fucked up her leg pretty bad. On 6th January I´m going on tour with The Truth (where I play drums) and Bosonogo Djetinjstvo (our friends from Zadar, Croatia), so there will be no posts in a while, but when I get back, expect some more rad posts, fuck yeah. We are touring Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey and will be back on 18th January. I have never been to Greece or Turkey before so I´m excited as hell to see some new cool places and to play fast hc/punk in front of some new faces. And also I´m interested to see how the DIY hc/punk is out there. The only thing that I will wish you (and myself) for 2015. is to keep on playing to destroy, because I just don´t give a fuck! 

Snake to Destroy! 

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