Saturday, March 14, 2015


I have a good feeling about today. I wake up early, took a walk with the dogs, took a shower and later I´m going with a friend to local piazza to collect some vegetables so we can cook a nice vegan dinner later. 

So, with a great day like this, here is the first demo of TEAR IT UP. This was the first thing ever Tear It Up recorded and they were existing as a band for only a month. Dead Nation (most of the last DN line up ended up in TIU) just broke up in June 2000. and these guys already put up a new band, new songs and recorded a demo within a month. So, the line up on the demo was: 

Dave Ackerman - Vocals
Andy Scarpulla - Guitar
Paul D´elia - Guitar
Doug Ensel - Bass
Matt Wechter - Drums & Back Vocals

The demo was recorded in July 2000. by Harry Baggs at Saxon Sound. This was the only TIU recording that wasn´t recorded by Max Cassselnova at Clearcut Studios. I don´t own this tape, so I can´t be sure if there was lyrics included but judging by the photos that I have found on the net, there were no lyrics, just song titles and other credits. I wonder where did they took the photo that is on the front cover. As for production, it sounds like a slightly better recorded rehearsal which is not a bad thing, but still, I think that the sound is kind of flat. Nevertheless, this is a great demo, energetic and pissed off sounding, the way it should be. There are six songs on the demo, all six were re-recorded two months later and ended up on TIU - Just Can´t Stand It 12˝ EP. Even though I like better EP versions, these are also cool and some of my favorite TIU songs are here like: I Don´t Care That I´m Falling Apart, What´s The Problem (the only slower song on the demo) and Your Name Here. The rest of the songs are: I Hate My Life, Ruining Your Life... and Failure. The demo don´t count more than 5 minutes which is extra short, but I rarely listen to it separately from some other TIU records, so I don´t mind the shortness of the demo. Later in 2001. the demo tracks were re-released on Deranged Records that put out TIU - "The First Four Months" CD that include first TIU self titled 7 ˝ EP, Just Can´t Stand It 12˝ EP and off course, the demo. I´m not sure if the CD is still in print and as for the demo tape, it pops up on ebay occasionally. So, here it is, if you somehow miss this awesome piece of hc/punk history: Tear It Up - Demo Tape

I Snake My Life

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