Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tear it Up, Down in Flames, The Rites at Hamilton St. NJ 2/3/02

My friend just send me the link for this great show, so check it out. Also check out other cool videos from youtube channel of Peter Hilton who put this great show on youtube. This is first The Rites show if I´m not mistaken and it is only 4 : 50 long with 5 songs, fucking great! This is also Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing record release show and last show that Paul played with TIU. Down In Flames also rips! Watching this I got fucking goosebumps and at the same time I wanted to cry and die, can´t explain all the feelings inside of me. Also, when I watch this, I feel like I´m there too, haha! Great fucking stuff, Tear It Up is the best band in the world, period. 

Snake It Up!

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