Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Here it is, another great hardcore gem from early 2000.´s. Mein Comp 7 ˝ EP compilation was released originally in 2003. on Youth Attack and Soviet State Records. It contains 10 songs from 10 hc/punk bands from USA (except for The Oath that shared half US, half Dutch members) in this order: KNIFE FIGHT, FOURTEEN OR FIGHT, LIMPWRIST, THE OATH, PUNCH IN THE FACE, JOHN BROWN´S ARMY (aka JBA), TEAR IT UP, GATE CRASHERS, REAGAN SS & LAST IN LINE. Most of the songs were exclusive for this compilation. This compilation gives you a good site on how in early 2000.´s there were bunch of great hc/punk bands. There is no doubt that today there are also bunch of cool hc/punk bands from around the globe. But, early 2000.´s were special because of the return of fast and stripped down pissed off hardcore, because the 90´s were all over the place concerning hardcore punk. I love all the bands and all the tracks on this compilation, but of course, for me, Tear It Up track stands out from the rest. In a Tear It Up - Demo Tape post some days ago, I said that was the only TIU recording that wasn´t recorded at Clearcut Studios. Well, that´s not true, because, this song also wasn´t recorded in Clearcut Studios but somewhere in Brooklyn, NYC in 2002. The production and recording are pretty raw, it was probably recorded live in studio, at least it sounds like that. This and Taking You Down With Me were only TIU studio recordings with last TIU line up, too bad that they didn´t record some more stuff in 2002. and 2003. Also, I didn´t even know about this song until like 4, 5 years ago, so discovering one more TIU song that I didn´t have was a nice treat for me when I discovered this compilation. Anyway, get this and tell your friends that this is hardcore punk the way it should be.
The Snake

Get it here: VA - Mein Comp

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