Sunday, March 15, 2015


The other day I was reading some MRR issues from my fanzine collection and I stumble into the issue with VASELINE CHILDREN interview, which was my old band. I read the interview and remembered of lots of good things from that period of my life. Not just particular band, but, also other bands and people from that period had a big impact on me at the time. It was also a honor to be represented in that MRR issue (# 291, August 2007.) because it was 25 anniversary issue and MRR is probably the longest hc/punk zine that is still going on. The interview was done at the end of 2006. through email by our friend Mungos (Obsolete Records & Distro) from Skopje, Macedonia. Original interview was a bit longer and was originally issued in Radio Režija # 1 zine in 2007. That zine was run by Skopje DIY hc/punk crew who are known more for playing in bands like: FxPxOx, This Home Is Prepared, Bernays Propaganda & XA Xa Xa, just to name the few. Anyway, to you this probably don´t mean much as to me, but, here it is, the Vaseline Children interview from MRR. More information about Vaseline Children, you can check out here:

The Snake

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