Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Again The Last post, why the hell not!?! Here are some rare tracks by The Last from compilations, live and unreleased stuff.

First the live tracks. First two tracks are from Club Lingerie, Music Machine in LA from 1982. First track, Don´t Go was never recorded in the studio, at least I think so. The song is faster and more punk sounding, maybe even more because of rawer live performance and recording, I like it. Second song, Try To Rise was originally released on Warfrat Tales compilation which I will talk more about later. This is one of the coolest The Last songs, it has that darker early 80´s LA side to it, fucking great! The third live song is Make Believe, recorded at the Whiskey in Hollywood, May 26, 1982. This song also never appeared in studio version and it is one of my favorite The Last songs actually. There is so much going in this one song that it is just incredible. I would love to know more about the song, the lyrics, did Joe Nolte wrote it, why it wasn´t recorded in the studio and so on. All of these songs, you can also find on youtube channel.

Let´s move to studio tracks. Fade To Black is a song from the same title 12˝ EP that The Last released on Bomp! Records in 1982. I am not including other 3 songs from the EP here, because they are part of Look Again never released LP (except for some rare bootleg versions) which I will post in the near future. The song was written in 1980. but I´m not sure if it was recorded in 1980., 1981. or 1982. Anyway, this one is also on more darker The Last side because it was written by Vitus Matare and Joe Nolte and songs by Matare were more dark than Nolte´s songs. But, I love both spectrums of The Last, the darker and the more romantic side. Anyway, Fade To Black is another great The Last song and you should definitely check it out. Snake In The Grass original version was recorded in 1980. and appears on already mentioned never officially released LP – Look Again. But, this version was recorded in 1981. together with some tracks that later ended up on Painting Smiles On A Dead Man LP in 1983. This version is much better, in my opinion, great song. Everywhere is the only song that I´ve got from super rare self released Joen ´N´ Mike CD from 2003. I´m not sure if this is really The Last release because this CD was recorded by only Joe and Mike Nolte (hence the title). Anyway, Everywhere is a beautiful masterpiece of Nolte brothers and if anyone can help me with getting this CD, that would be great!

Last 3 songs are from Warfrat Tales compilation LP that was released in 1983. on Warfrat Records. Actually, Try To Rise and Brand New Drug were released on original version of compialtion in 1983. but Anything That´s Out There was released on CD reiusse of the compilation in 2005. Of all these 3 songs, Try To Rise is my favorite, Brand New Drug is pretty cool too and Anything That´s Out There is also interesting. I´m guessing, these tracks were recorded in 1982. or maybe in 1981., not sure. If anyone has more information about these tracks, let me know.
So, here it is, 9 rare The Last songs from my humble Last collection, enjoy!

The Snake

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  1. Great blog entry Snake. I've posted the link on THE LAST"s official message board :


    Although it is little more than an e-morgue now, it was once a thriving community of information and fellowship. In fact, if you're interested in all the details on the superb unreleased song "Make Believe" then I would suggest you read this thread :


  2. Hey, thanks, glad you like it!
    I have been obsessed with The Last like last six years :)
    Thanks also for posting the link on The Last message board, too bad it is not active as it used to be. I will definitely check out the details on Make Believe song, thanks!
    I would love to hear Joe n Mike CD, once I wrote to the email on The Last website but never got reply.

  3. Awesome stuff dude, thank you so much.