Friday, August 14, 2015


While I´m waiting for all the photos from the tour, let me say a few words about The Truth & Ugly Fucks Summer 2015. tour. This tour was really a great experience, most of the places we played, we visited for the first time and places we played (mostly squats and DIY places) are awesome places with great people. Majority of shows were great with wild but friendly atmosphere, it was nice to see so much appreciation from the people and the fact that there are still lots of people in hc/punk that are not spoiled with too many shows fueled us to give 110 % while playing. This was/is one of the hottest summers in our lives and I was playing two sets every night, mostly without many rest, which was really challenging but I managed OK and I gave my best. This tour was so much inspiring and I wanna say thanks once more to all the people that helped us with this tour, no matter if you organized our show or danced to our songs, we really appreciate it and to us - this means everything!!!

The Snake

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