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So, I´ve been wanting to do this post for a while and finally I decided to do it. I rarely see on blogs this particular Descendents record, everyone always talking about their albums so, hear my rant about this great EP. I won´t bother you with history of the band, because if you are reading this blog, I guess you probably know thing or two about Descendents. But, I will tell you that Descendents is one of my favorite bands (so is ALL and it is interesting how lots of people who are into Descendents don´t get ALL, what the fuck is up with that? but more about that topic in some other post) and this record has some of my favorite Descendents songs on it. OK, two songs - I´m The One & Everything Sux are also released on Everything Sucks album (which is also one of my favorite Descendents records), but Lucky & Shattered Milo are exclusively released on this EP. I´ve heard first this whole EP in early 1997 (when this EP was released). on some Croatian radio station that in the 90´s had program with one hour of punk music that went once a week. I usually recorded on tape anything that was interesting to me from that program, so I also captured whole I´m The One EP on tape and I remember that I listened to it all the time. It was also the first thing ever what I heard from the Descendents, although I read a lot about them in zines and magazines but these were pre internet times and finding some of the music wasn´t as easy as it is today (by the way, I think I still have that tape somewhere). Also at the time I had a crush on a friend from my class, so falling in love and discovering Descendents at the same time seemed just right. Hearing the lyrics of I´m The One song clicked with me immediately. "I´m the one, I´ve been here for you all along. I´m the one, who´s shoulder you´ve been crying on"! That is like the story of my life with girls becoming my best friends and me falling in love with them, haha. Also, this whole song is like the ultimate pop punk song, it has everything that great pop punk song needs to have. It is probably one of the best Descendents songs, at least it is one of my favorite Descendents songs. Then, Everything Sux is a perfect "everything is fucked up" song, you know those days when everything goes wrong and at the end of the day you hate everyone, this is that song. It has one of the best Stephen Egerton´s early Black Flag-ish riffs and the whole song is just so pumped up and so punk rock. The third song - Lucky is the real treasure here. There is no writer credits on this EP, so I´m not sure who from the band wrote this song, but it kind of reminds me on Milo´s songs, it has that positive Milo vibe if you know what I mean. This song is just priceless, every time I hear it, it puts a smile on my face and it makes me feel some kind of comfort. The last one on the EP - Shattered Milo is the darkest here, both lyrically and musically and I guess Milo wrote the song, hence the title. It is not your typical Descendents song, maybe also kind of Black Flag-ish with killer slow part. It is interesting that this is actually an old song dating from 1982 (I know that because I have some live Descendents recording from early 1983. that has that song on it). Also, the song was originally recorded in studio in December 1985. which was pre Enjoy album demo that has few songs that were never officially released but you can get easily this demo online and it was bootlegged many times on vinyl and CD. Anyway, I´m The One is a perfect EP in my opinion, four very strong and different songs played with so much emotion. After I got hooked on Descendents, I think first what I bought from Descendents was Everything Sucks on tape (which I borrowed to some guy that play in one Croatian quasi punk rock band and I never got the tape back, fuck this asshole!) and Descendents - ALL album on blue vinyl (which I still have) in a used bin of some small record shop. And nothing was the same after that, haha. 

Except for I´m The One EP, I also put here some rare tacks from Everything Sucks 1996. demos, which are actually sang by ALL singer, Chad Price except for Grand Theme instrumental and Just Like Them which is sang by Milo. Not all of these songs are perfect but they are pretty solid and Away She Went is absolute winner in my book, I like this song a lot. So, enjoy in these rare unreleased tracks and I´m The One EP and expect some more stuff from me about Descendents and ALL in the future. 

The Snake

                 Descendents & ALL - 96 Rare Tracks

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