Friday, October 23, 2015


OK, I´m continuing with pop punk and this post is also somehow related to Descendents because Spiffy was a short lived band in mid 90´s with two ex Descendents members: Tony Lombardo on bass and Ray cooper on guitar. Other members were: Joel Bratton (who also sang in All Day and is now sadly deceased) and Joe Martorella on drums (don´t know if he played in any more bands). Spiffy released only two 7˝ singles in 1996. called Secret (released on Elastic Records) and Didn´t Know (released on Junk Records), in total, only 5 songs. But, if you are into pop punk, especially if you like Descendents and ALL, it is totally worth it to hear these songs because they are very similiar to Descendents/ALL sound which is no surprise, because Tony and Ray wrote almost all the songs. Production is very similiar to Everything Sucks album of Descendents which is also no surprise because Spiffy recorded these songs in Blasting Room (studio that is ran by Bill Stevenson) plus Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of Descendents/ALL produced this session. Anyway, I like Spiffy a lot, they played great pop punk in the way I like, cathy but still very punk rock sounding, with lyrics dealing mostly with love themes and relationships. My favorite song is In The Mail, great tune. So, even though Spiffy didn´t lasted long, they left great 5 pop punk tunes for you to enjoy. 

The Snake

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