Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Last weekend, UGLY FUCKS played 3 shows in Italy from 6th to 8th November. We played in Vicenza, Monza and Bergamo. It was one of the craziest and the most fun weekends ever, so here are some of my thoughts about the said weekend. We didn´t took many photos and so far I got only the photos from the show in Vicenza, but nevermind that. This time the Ugly Fucks crew was consisted of UF members (CFB, CursedXD & The Snake) plus our driver Panda and our dear friend Maša. We didn´t know Panda very well before this trip and after this past weekend we can all agree that Panda is a very cool and jolly dude and I hope that he thinks the same for us, haha. Maša is a supporter of the band from the early UF days and I´m glad that she went with us and that she discovered again the beauty and the frenzy of Ugly Fucks, hehe. Also, it wouldn´t be that fun without her, that is a fact. 

The first show was in rehearsal place called "I-Want Studios" in Vicenza and the guy who did the show is called Alberto and he is a total sweetheart. Alberto and Laura fed us with great pasta in their nice apartment where we checked out lots of cool books about 80´s hc punk (that is what I did, at least). Some of us actually met Alberto and Laura last year in Postojna, Slovenia on one of the skate gatherings in "Pumpa" (a squatted place for skating and shows), but that is another story. Anyway, even if there were not that many people on this show and only Ugly Fucks played, it was super fun and energetic show with lots of dancing, falling on the floor and with many smiles on peoples faces. I actually like these kind of shows the best. We even played some new songs for the first time and also one Fx Px Ox cover. Later we called the people to dance with us on the floor of the club which is placed next to the rehearsal place. Later we headed to crash at Alberto and Lauras place and we laughed some more. The Next day, before we went to Monza, we took a nice and relaxed walk through the center of Vicenza. 


To avoid some costs of the highway, we took a local roads to Monza. It took us something like five hours to get there, but it was a cool ride, lots of Ćandus were on the way, haha. In Monza we played at "Foa Boccaccio" squat on DIY hc/punk festival called: "Hardcore Festival d´Auttuno". Other bands that played were: Instante (Italy), Vomit8 (Italy), Motron (Italy), Feed Me More (Italy), Himura Grind (Spain), CGB (Italy), Whoresnation (France) and Lentic Waters (Germany). Our main host was a nice guy called Roberto but there were also other people that were organizing this event (Paloma, Cristian and sorry for not catching other names). I can´t tell how many people were there exactly, but probably something like 200 people, more or less. We played second and it was a really cool show with people dancing and having a good time while we played extremely well and furious. This show reminded me on some cool shows from our last summer tour. Actually there were some people here that were also on some of those shows we played this summer in Italy. As for other bands, I liked the best CGB, old school hc punk with a bit of melody. Whoresnation were also cool, furious mix of grind and powerviolence without any metal crap, hehe. Other bands just weren´t my cup of tea, but there was good atmosphere during all the bands that played, so who cares what I really think. After the show, the dance party began which was very wild and fun, I showed some of my best moves on that dance floor, hehe. I was up until five in the morning. We crashed on mattresses, bench and floor in a room that was set up just for us for this occasion. We slept until 10 or 11 am.

The Snake is explaining the meaning of life

After we woke up, we headed to Bergamo and on the road we of course, visited one Ćandu and had a snack. Bergamo is not that far away from Monza, so we were there fast. Marco, a very sweet guy picked us up and later we got to meet Ricardo (another nice dude), with whom CFB was in contact for this show. In Bergamo, we played in a DIY club called "Laboratorio Anarchico La Zona". We were early so we decided to took a walk through the city. That wasn´t the best idea because we realized how much tired we are from the last night and the guy who went with us to show us the city didn´t have a clue what to show us. Anyway, we were supposed to play with bands: O, Hobophobic and Roor Explo (all from Italy), but, the band "O" from Bologna decided not to play because they weren´t satisifed with the equipment. So, they took back all their gear and distro into the car and went home. What a bunch of pretentious losers! I think that a DIY harcore punk community is just fine without bands like this O band and please don´t invite these assholes ever to play a DIY hc/punk show because they obviously don´t care and don´t know anything about punk. Anyway, something like 30 people showed up and some of those were the same faces that we saw last night in Monza, that was really nice. Roor Explo played first, basic hc punk, not too fast, they didn´t left too much impression on me, but the crowd loved them and the pogo started. We played second and I wasn´t too thrilled with me and the drums being on the higher stage than the rest of the band and people, but what a heck. It was a cool show, lots of dancing and yelling while I was trying to talk, haha. We played two encores if I remember right, which was kind of forced, but it was a positive vibe and people were into it, so who gives a fuck. The third and the last played Hobophobic, melodic and fast hc punk with some slower breakdowns. I like them alright and the rest of the crowd did too. Again, lots of dancing, running around, floating and falling, haha. Maša and CFB were the worst of course. After the show, we hanged there some time and had lots of emotional moments between all of us because Ugly Fucks is all abut love, haha. We also said goodbye to Maša because she was staying in Bergamo because she was going to Berlin the next day. We left Bergamo before the midnight and came in Zagreb in five in the morning, safe and sound. 

Maša, CursedXD and some lady - posing

Panda caught some sleep before the show, so sweet.

This weekend was such a positive experience for all of us and the whole Ugly Fucks crew would like to thank one more time to everyone who organized the shows, cooked the food, played and shared the equipemnt, talked, danced and laughed with us. Also, the biggest thanks goes to Panda, not just for driving us, but for having to listen our stupid jokes the whole weekend, which are sometimes the worse kind of brainless jokes, hehe. We will definitely come again to Italy to play, dance and laugh with positive people. We play - you dance, that is Ugly Fucks moto! Fucking Ćandu Italy mini tour is over, but see you soon somewhere, sometimes. Thanks!

The Snake

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