Monday, November 16, 2015


Here´s the video of Ugly Fucks playing This Means Everything at Csa La Rampa squat in Barcelona, Spain. This show happened on August 4th 2015. on our summer tour with The Truth. This was one of the best shows on that tour and also one of the best Ugly Fucks shows so far. And people we met there were also one of the nicest people we have met on our our tours so far. These days, Csa La Rampa crew is fighting to not get evicted by the government, so if you can support them in any way, do it by all means, it will be much appreciated. You can find out more about Csa La Rampa here: 

Evictions by the state of places like this really makes me angry and things like that are one more reason why you shouldn´t be a part of mainstream music industry (if you are a DIY hardcore punk band), because why support the ones who wants to destroy our DIY network and our community!?! Staying DIY and independent from mainstream music industry is the right choice, no matter how this could sound naive to some. So, support DIY places like Csa La Rampa and I hope that Csa La Rampa crew will win this battle and that Csa La Rampa will remain. 

The Snake

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