Saturday, November 14, 2015


Here is the video of rehearsal of a new band called RULES, where I play bass. This was our third rehearsal (that was on November 12) and you can see and hear our first five songs which are still kind of sloppy played but we´re getting better and tighter on each rehearsal. The band is consisted of membes from bands UGLY FUCKS and LEFT TO STARVE. We are planning to play our first show on December 29, in "Mala Scena", Karlovac, Croatia and after that the usual, recording and playing more shows and tours. The agenda of RULES is pretty simple, we gathered for the love of hc/punk music and this is our way to release our frustratons and all the crap that we have to deal with on our daily basis. Anyway, enjoy watching this video and come to our shows. And remember, there are only my rules. 

The Snake

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