Monday, November 2, 2015


This month, it´s 10 years how Vaseline Children was formed. Or to be more precise, in November of 2005. we started with first rehearsals. For me, Vaseline Children was one of the most important bands, that I was part of. I don´t know what other VC members think now of the band. I don´t even know where the fuck is the bass player or what is happening with his life these days. As for me, I don´t want to live in the past or something like that, but I´m also proud of the fact that I was part of Vaseline Children and all the good and bad stuff that was happening in that period of my life (and most of it was good). That doesn´t mean that now my life sucks, far from it, this is actually one of the best periods of my life and I know that I am not even full aware of it now, so when my life start to suck again in a few years, haha, I know that I will look back fondly on 2015. as one of the greatest times of my life. So, this is not about nostalgia, more about appreciation of one time period and of a band that meant a great deal to me. 

Vaseline Children having a breakfast at Tada´s place, Dravograd, Slovenia on August 19th 2007. 

From left to right: Cane (vocals), Zhbla (guitar), Kiki (bass) & Gajo (drums)

Ten years ago, summer 2005. I got fired from a shitty job at the museum, my old band just broke up and that same summer, idea for Vaseline Children started to develop in mine and guitarist heads. We came up for the name of the band on some hc/punk festival singing constantly songs from Violent Children seven inch while watching some children playing in some hotel pool, pretty sick, haha. Looking now on that period of my life, it seems like it was 100 years ago and in one way, it was that long ago. It was definitely a different time. Anyway, in November of 2005. my friend Zhbla and me started with rehearsals, Zhbla on guitar and me on drums. We shared vocals at the time and didn´t even have a clue who will end up on bass and vocals even though we asked a bunch of people to join the band. If I remember correctly, on the very first rehearsal, we already did five songs and recorded the songs on my tape recorder. I think that I still have that tape somewhere but I wouldn´t recommend you the listening, haha. I remember that we first recorded the music and then over that recording, we recorded the vocals. When we listened the tape, our vocals sounded so strange and funny, haha. But nevertheless, we were satisfied with the songs and the fury of our playing because we were fucking furious and pissed off about lots of things and we wanted to present that in the band, playing fast and angry hc/punk. I must also mention the fact that Tear It Up influenced both Zhbla and me at the time (and TIU still influence me a lot). 

Vaseline Children before and during the very first show in "Leglo", Novo Mesto, Slovenia on May 6th 2006. 

On next few rehearsals, we did some more songs and at the beginning of 2006. I think we already had 10 songs and those are the ones that ended on our first record that we recorded just few months later (the infamous 7˝ EP and a CD with two more songs). One of those early VC memories is also a moment when I was with Fx Px Ox on tour in Slovenia in January 2006. and I put the VC rehearsal tape for Fx Px Ox guys to hear it. Good times. Sometime in February 2006. Kiki joined VC on bass. He was a dude we knew from some local hc/punk shows and we knew that he just started being straight edge and also just started doing a zine. He never played bass before, but hell, he was into the same stuff as Zhbla and me were, so we gave him a shot. Soon enough we found the final VC member, the vocalist and that was Cane who we knew for quite some time. He was also straight edge and he was into hc/punk for years and wanted to try out on vocals. After the line up was completed, we rehearsed like crazy. In May 2006. we recorded 10 our songs and two covers in a friends DIY studio and the same month we started to play shows where it was clear that this band means so much to all of us, but that is another story which I will tell you some other time.

The Snake 

PS – I still bump into people (online or in person) who are into Vaseline Children which I really appreciate and I think that is really cool that 7 years after the bands break up, some people still care about Vaseline Children. 

A show in the yard of "Zelena Akcija", Zagreb, Croatia on July 7th 2006.

One of the many Krško shows, "MC" Krško, Slovenia on February 10th 2007. 


  1. dude! that st 7"...a few bands/records gave me the same feeling as the TIU st...VS was one of em...I ACCUSE - st...etc...still badass records...good times!!! Y2K THRASH AHOY! D.

  2. CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC...LOOOOL,if im not gonna survive this..,it was a pleasure to listen to these tunes dude,you'll get that good book tape soon,little delay maybe haha,but we're getting worries...might gonna take a few weeks but ALWAYS! keep my promise...having too much fun shoot me ;-0


    1. Hey Dan, no problem for The Good Book tape, you can send it whenever you want, no big deal. Enjoy my friend!