Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Oh no, another TEAR IT UP post! Well, I finally got Tear It Up, a Rose Tattoo cover - Nice Boys Don´t Play Rock ´n´ Roll on mp3, so why not making it a whole post about Tear It Up and the covers they used to play. Judging by their studio covers and the ones they only played live from what I heard and saw from their live shows, being audio or video, Tear It Up played really a bunch of covers during their day. And those weren´t only hardcore punk covers, but also some 70´s rock and roll classics. On various Halloween shows, Tear It Up even played whole sets of other bands, like whole set of Shark Attack songs or their infamous last show, where they played two Black Flag sets consisted of earlier BF period and later stuff which involved into police shutting down the show. So, for your listening pleasure I have made a file of cover songs that I collected from Tear It Up, studio and live. The songs are: Down In Flames (from TIU brother band Down In Flames, great song and the band), Girl Problems (from State Of Alert, TIU did a great job and they played this song on lots of their shows), Cokes And Snickers (from JFA, again a great job by TIU), Deuce (from Kiss, making the song 10 times better than the original and they also played this song live a lot), Jealous Again (live version of a Black Flag classic, also a great job TIU did with this cover and also a song they played a lot live), Get It Away (live version of one of the best SSD songs in my opinion and also one more prove how TIU were able to make even a better song of already a classic awesome song (here you get also few TIU songs attached from the same show)), World Peace (live version of Cro Mags classic and fuck, it sounds almost like it is a TIU song, how did they do it!?! (again, few TIU songs are here attached with the cover)), No Class (live version of Motorhead classic, again a great job TIU did with this cover) and last but not least - Nice Boys Don´t Play Rock ´n´ Roll by Rose Tattoo which is a hidden bonus track on original press of Nothing To Nothing LP. What to say, TIU nailed it with this cover as with all the others. So, here it is, I hope you´ll have fun listening these covers as much as Tear It Up had fun playing them.

The Snake It Up!

Get it here:  Tear It Up Covers

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