Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hardcore punk covers are fun. Playing covers of your favorite hc/punk bands or watching some band playing live and covering some of your favorite bands is always a great feeling. So, I´ve decided to put series of compilations called: "HARDCORE FOR THE PUNX COVERS" with hc/punk bands covering hc/punk bands. I´ve decided to stick with studio recordings, at least for the first few compilations, then later maybe I will put a live covers compilations. Also, I avoided bands covering their previous bands and stuff like that. This first compilation conteins 19 bands and 20 songs of hc/punk bands covering some 80´s hc/punk classics, some more known, some less known, but all are great songs. I won´t tell you what bands and covers are here, that is for you to discover when you download the compilation. Enjoy and there will more to come soon!

The Snake

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