Friday, February 5, 2016


So far I wrote mostly on this blog about some bands that don´t exist anymore, so here is my first official review on the blog by recent hc/punk band – NAILED IN from Zagreb, Croatia. Nailed In played their first gig last May so they are relatively new band and this is their first studio recording and I hope that they will release this demo on tape, CD or vinyl. It´s cool for bands to put music online, but it is way cooler to have a real release in your hands, at least that is what I think. Anyway, with mediafire download link of the demo, you get also Nailed In lyrics with the music which is cool. I watched Nailed In few times and I must say that I was very glad that finally some angry and pissed off hc/punk band popped out in this fucked up and boring town because most of the bands from Zagreb don´t mean a shit to me and bands that play this kind of direct and fast hc/punk are a rarity here. Members of Nailed In played in various bands during past few years (Declaration, Black Gust, Passive Aggressive, Intrigue and some more) and my opinion is that Nailed In is far better band than most of their previous bands. There are six songs on the demo that clocks around 9 minutes. Since my laptop and my speakers are crap, I won´t judge the production too much, it seems OK, although maybe the drums could have more beef in it but as I´ve said, concerning my crappy laptop, maybe I should listen the demo somewhere else with better sound system, haha. Musically Nailed In play fast and angry hc/punk as you didn´t guessed that already. The lyrics are also pretty angry and some of the lyrics seem very critical towards one part of the punk “scene” and their slogan on the logo say: “Fuck Your Punk”, so this is very intriguing and I hope I will get some interesting answers from the guys when I interview them for my zine. Although live I didn´t get that impression, but on this recording, Nailed In reminded me a lot of Voorhees, especially the vocals. There is also some Boston classic hardcore sound that I can trace in their music, but Voorhees were also very much influenced by Boston classic hardcore so there is the connection. So yeah, I like Nailed In very much which is obvious because I like that kind of hc/punk that Nailed In play, but the thing is that they do it really good, fast parts are really cool but so are the slower parts and the circle pit parts which even has some youth crew-ish parts and I have nothing against that. Vocals are really pissed off and mean sounding which is a big plus to already cool music that Nailed In produce. So, here it is a great debut demo from a cool new promising hc/punk band from fucking Zagreb. If I´m not mistaken, Nailed In are going on their second European tour this spring, so keep an open eye for that and catch them somewhere if you can.

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