Monday, February 22, 2016


Roko & Šime are the proof that this past weekend was a blast

I´ve had a great weekend, playing with Rules and Ugly Fucks in Sisak on February 19th and with Rules in Duga Resa on February 20th. Sisak show was interesting from not getting any food or drinks to some techical difficulties like Iceman breaking up the mic, me breaking up my drum pedal beater in the beginning of Ugly Fucks set and also breaking a bass string on the very beginning of the Rules set. The show was actually pretty good, Ugly Fucks and Left To Starve both ripped, Rules set was OK and Lyon Sonny from Sisak played solid set. But, kids in Sisak should learn more about what is a DIY hardcore punk show. It is not enough just to write DIY hc/punk slogans on facebook event, so if you are doing the hardcore punk show, do it right and cook some fucking food for the bands, don´t obey to every fucking stupid rule of the club where you are doing the show and try to collect enough money for travelling expenses. That being said, Duga Resa show was total opposite of Sisak show, it was more of a DIY approach and organization and the atmosphere was also more intimate. The place where the show was used to be some night club but since it got closed, local kids made indoor skate park inside and now also a place for DIY shows. Anyway, Rules played a solid show, not exciting like the night before but it was OK. Mališa Bahat played next, they are rather new band  from  Varaždin and Koprivnica with members from some now defunct bands like What Matters Most, Life In Peril and Destrukcija Stvarnosti. Mališa Bahat played cool and short set and their sound is influenced by 90´s screamo, but more on the melodic side than chaotic one. They were pretty good. The Seeker from Milano, Italy played last and their set was energetic and furious. The Seeker play fast hardcore punk with screaming vocals and some power violence parts. As I´ve said, their set was fucking furious and the atmosphere was pretty wild and energetic, it was a fun show. It was a cool weekend with more cool shows coming soon!

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