Thursday, February 25, 2016


This video just popped out on youtube, so I thought that it would be appropriate to write something about the video and the whole show Vaseline Children played in Danguba club, Belgrade, Serbia on December 16th 2007. On video there are 3 last songs from the Vaseline Children set and that was also the end of the show because Vaseline Children played last. The songs on the video are: Well…, Don´t Pray & Never Gonna Shut Up. For all of you who don´t understand Croatian or Serbian, that´s too bad because it is very interesting and funny to watch Zhbla and Cane talking some funny shit between the songs (they even adopt a Serbian accent for this show, hahah!). Other bands that played that night were: Path Of Decay (Belgrade), Home Sick Home (Belgrade), Lets Grow (Belgrade) and Mladina Kina (Dravograd, Slovenia). For this show, Mladina Kina guys dressed themselves as Vaseline Children, haha. That was also hilarious. The show was pretty cool, very good, energetic and friendly atmosphere with lots of people in the club dancing, circle piting, singaloning and stage diving. That was at least until Vaseline Children hit the stage when the good mood turned to a crappy mood because supposedly some well known nazi figures from Belgrade entered the club. To this day, I still can´t tell what was all the fuss about that and why should 150 people be afraid of 3 sketchy dudes is beyond me. But nevertheless, there weren´t any incidents and we played our set. Too bad that the good mood was down because we were pretty tight and played a good set. Except for the show, I remeber that whole weekend as a great hanging out with lots of friends, from driving in train with Mladina kina guys and some more friends who went with us to having a great talks and fun with our friends from Serbia, mostly Trifunović bros from The Truth Of XXX. Again, a time we´ll remember. Enjoy in video.

The Snake

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