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So, it´s time to write something about Dead Nation last record – Painless 7 inch and I´m also gonna say something about the last Dead Nation phase before they broke up. So, As I´ve said in the Dead Nation – Dead End post, when Dead End album was released in the end of 1999. Dead Nation line up was like this:

Dead Dave – Vocals
Matt Suxx – Guitar
Doug Life – Bass  
Matt Times – Drums

With that line up, Dead Nation played bunch of shows including a mini tour in California in January 2000. Soon Paul D´Elia aka Paul Ride joined on second guitar. So, with addition of Paul on second guitar, Dead Nation recorded their last record called Painless.

Painless was also the last record that I got from Dead Nation. I read lots of praising reviews of the record in zines from early 2000.´s, so I was thrilled when I finally get to listen this record. And this record was everything what I had imagined and even more. Painless was even closer to Tear It Up sound than the Dead End LP and songs were more complexed than on any other Dead Nation record.

Painless was recorded on 20th & 23th March 2000. at Clear Cut Studios and was produced by Max Casellnova. Production is awesome, no complaining here. On that session, the Nation recorded 10 songs and things can get kind of confusing here because there were two different versions of the 7˝ EP released with 1 different song on each 7˝. Painless came out in USA on Deadalive Records and in Europe on Kangaroo Records. Last song on A side of Deadalive version is a song Politically Challenged and on A side of Kangaroo version is a song A Voicless Generation. From the same session there was also one more song – Asexual which together with Politically Challenged song appeared on Thrash Of The Titans compilation LP, released in 2000. by Know Records. I put all 10 songs from the Painless session in download file so you can have the whole session. Also the covers and releases od each version are different, but I think that Kangaroo version is a bit surperior to Deadalive version with the Dead Nation poster inside and much better lyrics sheet plus the cover is better in my opinion, even thought both covers present a hand with slitted wrist which suits well the dark lyrics of this record.

DEAD NATION last show in ABC No Rio, New York, June 3rd 2000.

Painless starts with galloping drums rhythm and Dave yealling: „D-E-A-D, dead is how I want to be, I just want to be dead“, so simple but so effective intro into one of the best seven inches of the 2000´s. The rest of 30 seconds of the song if fast and furious and it is over before you know it. Second song Big Mistake starts of with rocking riff (and it´s very similar to beginning of Tear It Up – Tear It Up Tear It Down song, haha) but then burst into fast and pissed off tune still sounding very catchy. What Are You Gonna do About It? continue with fast, pissed off and catchy sound while Battle Scarred is a little bit less fst and very influenced by Black Flag. Later Tear It Up also recorded and played regulary this song live (Battle Scarred is also on TIU first demo and Just Can´t Stand It 12 ˝). Razor to My Wrist is again another fast, short and angry tune. Voiceless Generation is more melodic and punk rock sounding, very early 80´s influenced, fucking great song. Ease My Pain opens the B side of the record sounding just like the rest of the record, furious and pissed off. The last song on the record is Painless, slow and heavy song counting almost 5 minutes. Lyrics of the Painless are obiviously about ending your life but I wouldn´t say that anyone from the band was really into ending their own life, it is more of an expression of a feeling that someone is having when it´s depressed and emotionally damaged. It is a great song and I love the stories about Dead Nation playing Painless only few times before they broke up and how people were just staring into them not knowing what to make of this song. Other two songs from the Painless session: Asexual & Politically Challenged are both fast, catchy and great songs like the rest of Painless material.

When Painless was relased, Dead Nation were breaking up because Matt Molnar already left the band few months before and since he was one of the main founders of Dead Nation, other members decided to break up the band and start a new band which was TEAR IT UP. Dead Nation played their last show on June third 2000 in ABC No Rio, a legendary DIY place in New York. 

That´s it. If you haven´t heard this record for some reason, now this is your chance to finally rectify that mistake. Download link with the music, also conteins photos and the cover oft he record, so you have the whole package here. Take the razor, slit your wrists and put out this record, it will be over before your body collapse.

The Snake

Get it here: Dead Nation - Painless

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