Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This is Bufo, feck ju!

I guess this month will be the time of Springtime laziness concerning this blog because I haven´t posted anything in a while. So, here are some news about the bands where I play and shit like that.

On 28th & 29th March of 2016. RULES recorded its first material in the studio, 9 songs in total. Most of the stuff was recorded on the first day, but some second guitar parts were also recorded on the second day. We are pretty satisfied with the result and we can´t wait the finished mixed product to be done. When that will be done, we´ll put all 9 the songs on the tape and we are thinking about doing a 7 inch, but more about that some other time. RULES will also play a show on 20th April in Močvara club in Zagreb (where we also recorded our songs), a show in Rijeka (Podrum represents) on 23rd April and we are booking the European tour with our friends LEFT TO STARVE that will happen in September of 2016. and I hope some more shows in the meantime are coming our way soon.

I´m going on a mini tour with THE TRUTH & UGLY FUCKS from 28th April to 2nd May and we´ll play in: Koper (Slovenia), Milano (Italy), Firenze (Italy), Padova (italy) & Rijeka (Croatia). I´m looking forward to the tour because the last tour I´ve played was last summer and I love playing in Italy, it´s always cool atmosphere on the shows and also I have never been in Firenze before, while I was in Milano, but didn´t played there yet. And of course, touring with THE TRUTH & UGLY FUCKS is always super fun and it´s a experience that can´t be described easily but the HC/Punk Flying Circus is a pretty good description, haha! We are also booking the Summer European tour (both bands) that will happen in August 2016.

The infamous tour poster  

THE TRUTH will finally release a 7 inch in the near future, I hope I won´ t jinx it, because this 7 inch is already in the work for ages. We are also working on the new songs and we have already few newer unrecorded songs that we regulary play live so, new recording will happen sometime this year, but when will be that is still too soon to tell.

So, that´s it so far, enjoy in Spring and have a blast! Also, fuck the „Punk gig of the year“ as some people promote it, which is the Poison Idea gig in Zagreb. But really, fuck off!

The Snake

Henry with the crew

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  1. I've never heard of Poison Idea, where were they last year when I was more into Oi!?