Thursday, May 26, 2016


On May 17th, 2016. UGLY FUCKS and ADDENDA played in ex Mulj, a DIY place for shows in Duga Resa, Croatia. This was one of those shows that was doomed from the start, meaning that we all knew that not many people will come but more about that later. From Zagreb, five of us came with Roko´s car: Roko, Vilim, Iceman, CFB and me, packed with guitars, amps, cymbals and other stuff. We listened some darn good music in the car like Dead Nation and Tear It Up, who would guessed that, haha! In front of the Mulj, we met with CursedXD, Vuki and Mario, then Mario and Roko went to Karlovac to bring more equipment. After some time the guys from Addenda showed up with a car because their van broke at the very beginning of their tour, so they returned back to Barcelona and went on a tour with a car bringing just basic stuff with them. Luckily they are only 3 guys in the band, so they could fit in one car. It was nice to see again Josep and Inaki and also to meet Fran, who I didn´t knew before. When Roko and Mario came back, we started to set up the stuff for the show and then also the food was ready, cooked by Valentina, we all appreciated this warm and delicious meal. So, as I´ve said already before, not many people came so it was time to start the show in front of something like 15 people altogether. Ugly Fucks played first. We played like it was our last show, we were tight and furious and it was cool atmosphere. Before the last song, we played a new song which is still an instrumental because we we did it without CFB two days before this show and she didn´t even know that we did a new song so this was a surprise not only for the people but also for her. We talked more than usual on this show, even CursedXD said some stuff about some hc/punk bands hyping themselves on social networks and I talked in English so that guys from Addenda can understand. I said how I have lots of respect for the fact that they came with the car on tour because I´m not sure if every band would do that, there are lots of people into hc/punk that are faking it big time and in situations like this, you can see who is really into it for life and who is a fake and a poser. Also, the fact that no one from Zagreb is coming to shows like this is the sad and real picture of today´s Croatian hc/punk "scene". Yeah, I know that it was Tuesday and that people have their obligations, people work or go to some fucking colleges, but is it possible that from all the Zagreb hc/punk people, no one was interested to come to a DIY show!?! How hard is to pick few people and sit in the car and come to a fucking show? I guess, if the show is not in front of some people noses, they won´t bother at all. Not to say that today for lots of people it is more important to go to show of every "legendary" quazy hc/punk band that come to Zagreb then to support young people into DIY hc/punk. Everybody will tell you that there are no younger people here that are involved in hc/punk, but that is not entirely true and when younger people try to do something, there are no people to support them, because you know, who cares, Poison Idea wasn´t on the bill, so why should you support a DIY hc/punk show? But as I´ve said to guys from Addenda, fuck all those assholes, we knew why we were there and that´s what is important. Anyway, after we finished, Addenda set up and started to play. Addenda is a fast hc/punk band from Barcelona, Spain and they started the band in 2008. Even though they have lots of fastcore parts in their songs, they also mix it with some melodic parts and also some post hardcore parts here and there. They were tight and energetic, I really enjoyed their set and wished they could play forever. Their English weren´t the best, but they did say few things about them and their songs which was cool and Josep handed us their lyrics (which are not in English but have translations and explanations of the lyrics, I like that a lot). People were at first a bit "shy" but later some of us loosen up a little and made some very bad hardcore moves, haha. Imagine a wall of death that consisted of 7 people, it was hilarious. We yelled to the guys to play some more and they did, indeed. They played I Want To Hold Your Hand, an early Beatles classic, I sang along like nuts. There was also a Scholastic Deth cover - Drop The Bomb and before the encore, they also played Ready To Fight by Negative Approach and only I recognized the song, haha. So, it was really a great show, sometimes the shows with less people can be better then crowded shows and I´m talking from experience here. After the show, we hanged out and talked while we were waiting for Roko and Mario to handle the equipment. After that was done, the same five people that came from Zagreb, went back there with Roko´s car. So, that was that, I´m glad that I saw the guys from Addenda and can´t wait to see them again in Barcelona this summer. To some of us this means everything and that´s who and what we are, take it or leave it. 

The Snake

PS - Thanks to Valentina for the photos




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