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So, I went to the SNFU show on May 8th, 2016. It was on a Sunday night and the show was in Attack Club in Medika complex, Zagreb, Croatia. SNFU is still one of may favorite hardcore punk bands from the 80´s that also played in the 90´s and somehow even survived the 2000´s. Although the band did broke up few times over the years and original two guitarists, the Belke brothers haven´t returned to the band when SNFU broke up again in 2005. Mr. Chi Pig, the original member, singer and one of the founders and soul of the band continued to tour with various line ups during the years and the band even recorded and released an album (their 8th) in 2013. called: „Never Trouble Trouble Untill Trouble Troubles You“ on Cruzar Media Records. I haven´t listened much that album so I won´t judge it on merit of few times listening but I haven´t liked it much so far. 

I actually had mixed feelings about going or not going to this show, because I doubted that the present SNFU line up is good as SNFU with Belke brothers with some of the steadiest rhythm section. But, fortunately I was totally wrong about that and of course, I went to the show and I´m glad that I did. Anyway, I was there just in time for coming too late for the first band because all 3 local bands that also played that night had zero of my interest (trust me, it wasn´t the best line up to watch before SNFU). So, before SNFU took the stage, I mostly hanged out with my friend/roomate and few more friends/acquaintances. There wasn´t more than 100 people on  the show, at least that´s how it seemed because the club wasn´t all packed. 

Then SNFU showed up on stage. Jamie Oliver on drums (also played in UK Subs), Kurt Robertson on guitar (also played in The Real McKenzies), Randy Steffes on guitar (a former SNFU and Green Day sound man), Dave Bacon on bass (one of the old SNFU members that played on their classic second LP: „If You Swear You´ll Catch No Fish“) and of course, Mr. Chi Pig on vocals. Despite their older age and when you know what Mr. Chi Pig went through over the years with fighting schizophrenia and dealing with the long battle with various hard drugs, they were fucking great from the first seconds of their set to the end. They started with „The Ceiling“ and continued with songs from every album from their discography. The sound was great and the band played really tight and the energy was there. It was great to sing with various people around me some of the SNFU classic songs like: „Fate“, „Cannibal Cafe“, „Painful Reminder“, „Don´t Have The Cow“ and so on. I don´think that they played more then one hour which included one encore where they played: „Broken Toy“, „This Is The End“ and already mentioned „Cannibal Cafe“ and „Painful Reminder“. It went so quick and my only little regret is that they didn´t play some oft he more obscure songs like „Beautiful , Unlike You And I“ or „Reality Is A Ride On The Bus“, but still, it was great eshow and experience and if SNFU play near you, don´t miss them because they still got it. Mr Chi Pig is not jumping like a madman how he used to but he still gives his best and sings every note. Below I did a list of all the songs they played on this show, 21 songs in total. So, this was a really cool show by a band that I love very much and I´m glad that I´ve been on the show.

The Snake

PS – The photos were taken by Kristijan Smok and I „stole“ them from Subsite website.

SNFU song list from the show:

From „…And No One Else Wanted To Play“: Broken Toy, Cannibal Cafe, Misfortune & This Is The End,

From „If You Swear You´ll Catch No Fish“: Where´s My Legs?, I Forget & The Ceiling.

From „Better Than A Stick In the Eye“: Time To Buy A Futon

From „Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes“: Painful Reminder

From „The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed“: Rusty Rake, Big Thumbs & Drunk On A Bike

From „FYULABA“: Stepstranger, Better Than Eddie Vedder, Don´t Have A Cow & Fate.

From „In The Meantime And In Between Time“: Cockatoo Quill & Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.

From „Never Trouble Trouble Untill Trouble Troubles You“: Voodoo Doll Collector and one more song that I didn´t recognize, probably also from this album.

Victims Of The Womanizer from „Something To Believe In“ compilation from 1984. 

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