Saturday, May 7, 2016


This post would be more appropriate if I posted it yesterday, but here it is, on 6th May 2006. which was fucking ten years ago, my old band VASELINE CHILDREN played its first show. Those were some special times in my life and yes, sometimes I do like to go back in my mind to that time, feeling nostalgic and all that shit. But, here I am ten years after, still doing what I know the best, writing about hardcore punk and playing in hardcore punk bands, touring and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about that. Anyway, I still can remember well that first Vaseline Children show. The show was in Novo Mesto, Slovenia in a squatted place called Leglo. Few more bands played that night, from melodic punk rock to grindcore. From all the VC members, I was the only one who had played bunch of shows before that with other bands. Zhbla played maybe two shows with his old band, but for Kiki and Cane this was their first ever performing with the band in front of the audience. I remember the epic question that Kiki asked the sound guy. He asked him where he should plug in, not knowing anything about the amps or equipment whatsoever. Despite all that, we played a pretty solid set, sounding pissed off and very agro, haha. At that moment, we already had ten of our songs (that didn˙t last more than 10 minutes) so we played all of our songs and a few covers. I think that we played: Deny Everything (Circle Jerks), Bilbord Revolucija (Fx Px Ox) and Depression (Black Flag). So, our whole set probably wasn´t more than 15 minutes. We all sported bandanas and big fat X-es on our hands on that first show, I guess people there thought that they kind of got wraped in some time machine, haha. Maybe this will sound like I´m overreacting, but I think that at the time we already knew and felt that this band was something special and important and sure it was, at least to me it was. After we started to play more shows, nothing was ever the same, but more about that some other time.

The Snake


After the first VC show in the back stage: VASELINE CHILDREN & DICKLESS TRACY (who also played that night)





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