Thursday, June 2, 2016


I´m still writing Ugly Fucks & The Truth Spring mini tour report, so until I finish that, here are some news about some bands that I dig and support.

The Snake

ADDENDA (Barcelona, Spain)

Addenda is a fast hc/punk from Barcelona, Spain and I´ve had pleasure to meet these guys, play and talk with them, very nice dudes indeed! Check out their fast but also melodic hardcore punk influenced by old Spanish hardcore bands but also influenced by fastcore/powerviolence bands like 625 Thrashcore label used to put out.

THE CELETOIDS (Zagreb, Croatia)

The Celetoids is a energetic punk rock/garage rock band from Zagreb, Croatia that has members from other Zagreb/Belgrade punk rock bands like: Modern Delusion, Black Gust, Chresus Jist, Path Of Decay… They are pretty active and their shows are always energetic so is their music, very nervous and furious fast punk rock. Few months ago they released a tape for Zagreb hc/punk label Doomtown, check it out.

ILL WIND (Zagreb, Croatia)

Ill Wind is a melancholic punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia that has members that played in bunch of band during past ten years, like: Vaseline Children, Junk Messiah, The Pathetics, Ugly Fucks, Benchwarmers and some more obscure bands. They just finished their first recording which they plan to release it on a tape and also on a split 12 ˝ with Rules, so check them out.

OBEDIENCE (Austin, Texas, USA)

Obedience is a new hardcore punk from Austin, Texas, USA with Dave from Tear It Up, Dead Nation, Splitting Headache & The Good Book on vocals while the rest of the members play/ed in Severed Head Of State, Signal Lost, Concrete Elite and Breakout. They play fast and pissed off hc/punk with distinctive vocals. Obedience just released their first tape and I should get it soon so expect a review of the tape soon.

SOLO CONTRA TODOS (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Solo Contra Todos is a mid tempo hc/punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They sent me an email few weeks ago and contest of the email was written in Spanish. I´ve translated it via google translate (not always the best option, haha) and as I´ve understood it, they wanted me to share their band on my blog. I don´t know much about the band, but from what I´ve heard and saw, they seem pretty cool. So, check them out.


PS – News from my band Rules, here is the video of the half of our new song, still without a lyrics, fuckin´ a!

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