Saturday, July 23, 2016


It´s time for a post where I´m self promoting the bands where I play at the moment. So, the news are that RULES recording is finally finished. The mixing took a while but it was worth it, we´re all in the band very pleased with how the recording came out. You can check out Rules demo on: and also download it for free. This demo will be released first as a tape by ourselves and later after we come back from the tour, the plan is to release it on vinyl as a split 12 ˝ with ILL WIND, a punk rock band from Zagreb ( We are still looking for some DIY labels to help us with that split release, so if anyone wants to help, let us know. Also, we are still „booking“ the September European tour that we will share with our friends from LEFT TO STARVE ( and we are still missing lots of dates, so if anyone can help us, check out what dates we´re missing:


THE TRUTH & UGLY FUCKS August European tour is almost booked, we´re still not sure about the first date, but it will be all sorted out very soon. You can see how that tour looks here:

It was pretty frustrating to book some dates because of the heavy Summer period, but more about that later. The Truth 7 ˝ vinyl is finally done, it took us a while, but we finally finished the record. There are 6 songs on the record and they are now kind of old, although we still play them on our shows, but we also have quite a few songs that we are playing live that yet have to be recorded. Anyway, more info about the The Truth 7 ˝ EP, soon on The Truth blog:

Ugly Fucks pretty much still have no merch, haha!


Sometimes it gets pretty frustrating to be in a band where everyone are eager to play shows but the Summer period here is pretty fucking dead. It´s all about festivals and it´s time when people leave cities to go on vacation to the sea and what not. That´s why it´s great to play tours, especially in the Summer time so, you don´t feel this void of not playing more local shows. But then again, as I´ve said before, booking the tour for August is a fucking nightmare. People are everywhere around and the shows on tours in Summer period (August especially) sometimes doesn´t drawn that many people. So, it´s like, if you are not playing in popular or hype or whatever is cool today bands like me, you either can tour in the Summer and prepare yourself for losing lots of money, not all the shows will be filled with people and so on. Or you can not tour at Summer but you will not play any local shows in the Summer because as I´ve said before, you are not in popular or hype band and you hate festivals, haha. Yeah, I don´t like festivals that much, at least the festivals in Balkan area. And usually people who play in bands with me are also not too excited to play on Balkan punk festivals. This Summer at least I go on two tours and I´m very excited because of that. These are also one of the most stressed times for me that I ever had before going on some tour and I´m not even talking about the tour „booking“ here. But, I won´t bore you here with my personal problems. So, no matter how I like chilling out in the Summertime with dogs, I´m also slowly starting to get anxious to play shows and I need my hardcore fix. So, it´s pretty much like this for me: I live to play and I play to live and that´s my number one wish.

The Snake can´t fucking stand it!


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  2. This is not a demo. Feck ju.

    1. OOOOO
      VAU VAU

  3. au ovi jadnici rules imaju bandcamp, internet panksi neki
    Dominik Mrgan

    1. Opa, pale su prve provokacije, jebeno! :)
      PS - malo je dosadno na sceni u zadnje vrijeme...