Monday, August 29, 2016


This post is dedicated to some cool dudes that I´ve met online in last few days and we shared some nice talk about Tear It Up and Dead Nation. As for this song, I still pretty much think the same as I did in the past about this issue. Keep your mainstream bullshit out of our hardcore punk!

The Snake


Where the fuck did the anger go
This isn´t punk as I´ve come to know
Not changing anything you know you didn´t grow
You just want the cash and it shows

Cute little haircuts without a hair outta place
Your pop songs are such a disgrace
No community spirit just in it for yourself
You put out a record to put more clothes on your shelf

Whooh – Through being cute
Whooh – We´re sick of you

Not judged for your merit just judgd for your looks
You only play to put more numbers in your phone book
You play your happy songs but you know it´s a farce
You´re the reason why all of punk had to start

You turned years of hard work into a joke
We can´t relate to you cause we´re all broke
You took our community and built up a wall
You know what I think – WE´LL KILL YOU ALL!

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