Friday, September 2, 2016


RULES & Roko at Roko´s and  Popeye´s place, few months ago

I wanted to write so much more than this lousy post, but I was under a lot of stress regarding the RULES & LEFT TO STARVE September 2016. European Tour and also because of the temporary roomate that CursedXD and I live with at the moment, who is a total douchie asshole, but when we will be back from the tour he will be out of the flat, so fuck him! Also, the rehearsals took some of my energy and I guess I was too lazy to write anything. But, after the tour, I´m gonna dedicate lots of time to writing. Anyway, we (RULES) are going on a 26 day long European tour with our friends LEFT TO STARVE. The tour will include these countries: Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. There are four days off currently on the tour list but if you can help us with the shows on those dates, let us know, you can contact us on Left To starve facebook: or through Rules bandcamp: We will be happy to play a show, no matter if get zero money, just put the show for us and we will deliver the rock and roll or something like that. After the tour, my next post will be the hundred post and it will be two years that I´m doing this blog. so, we can celebrate it but I still don´t know how, I will probably celebrate it with watching another old Tear It Up show. Speaking of Tear It Up, they are playing a reunion show in NYC on Saturday, the September 3rd which will be the first day of Rules/Left To Starve tour. I wish them a good show and I hope to catch it somewhere on youtube later. So, in less then 24 hours, off we go on tour and we´ll play to destroy! 

The Snake To Destroy!