Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hello, my fellow hardcore punx, lurkers and freaks! On October 16th it will be two years that I started this blog and this is the hundred post on the blog. Actually I never bothered to check out statistics of the blog untill recently and I must say that I´m amazed how much this blog is checked out from all over the world. Some posts  were checked out more than 400 times with Youth Brigade post being the most „popular“ because at this moment it was checked out more than 700 times. So, thank you all for visiting this blog and thanks to anyone giving a shit for the stuff that I write here. On September 28th, the RULES & LEFT TO STARVE European September tour was officially over, although we got back in Zagreb on 27th, but we had two more shows to play in Ljubljana and Zagreb. Both Rules and Left To Starve played a lot of great shows on this tour, so thanks again to everyone doing shows, everyone who gave us food or place to sleep, everyone who came to shows, everyone who we talked to, smiled with, played football, yelled at or whatever. Special thanks goes to Tomi von Panda who drove us to hell and back. Anway, in short, the tour was fucking great and I will write more about it soon. Two years of JUST CAN´T STAND IT! and more to come, fuck yeah!

The Snake


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