Sunday, August 6, 2017


CROWD PLEASER # 1, A4, 24 pages, English

Crowd Pleaser is a new zine and the guy who’s guilty for its creation is my good friend Felix who currently lives in New Belgrade, Serbia. I remember Felix talking about doing this zine for ages, so I was pretty eager to see the zine and I was very glad when the zine was finally done.

Knowing Felix and his history of doing zines in the past (first as one of the authors of Jedan Po Jedan zine in late 90’s/early 2000’s and later as one of the main editors of Last Breath zine) I expected this to be as it is - a pretty strong hc/punk zine with a good mix of personal, political and hc/punk music content. The design is pretty simple and cleat cut and I would’t want it to be any different. It’s written in English and I think that this was a good choice because this way the zine can be spread to people all over the globe or at least all over the Europe on tours with The Truth (where Felix is a vocalist, by the way). Also, if it wasn’t written in English, I don’t think that this zine would get much appreciation in ex-YU countries because people who support zines here are very few. 

Anyway, the first issue of Crowd Pleaser contains: interviews with Class (hc/punk band from Milano, Italy) & Ugly Fucks (hc/punk band where I used to play but the band broke up last summer), bunch of columns by Felix from personal to political but always critical, Switzerland hc/punk scene report and you also get a section called Balkan Photo Rage that was nicely done by Pavle (drummer of Rules and Left To Starve). Reading this you could think that it’s not much material but believe me, there is no empty void in this zine, everything written in there is written very thoughtful and with heart. And you get enough material to read. I certainly enjoyed reading Felix’s thoughts and he really know well how to write and say what’s on his mind. The Class interview is pretty good, excellent questions and good answers, there is lot to read. As for Ugly Fucks interview, I will just say that reading this interview and some other stuff in zine, I realized that Felix was number one Ugly Fucks fan and some stuff that he wrote in there about UF touched me in the most deepest way. Thanks again for all the support, my friend!  

So, if you want to read a cool and new hc/punk zine with a DIY/fast thrash hcardcore punk/personal mixed with political attitude, I highly recommend Crowd Pleaser and I hope that this zine will not stop any time soon. Felix also run a DIY hc/punk label called Mad Schnauzer Records and you can also contact him regarding the record label. 

You can get Crowd Plaser here: or if you are too shy to contact Felix himself, you can also get the zine at my headquarters:

I am The Snake and this was Crowd Pleaser Numero Uno!

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